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    Vietnam was named as of the Year" by Golf Travel Operators (IAGTO).
    With its superb climate, now its offering fantastic golf courses designed and off the course. Vietnam is the 'next Thailand' in the Far East. Recommended Vietnam golf resources:

    :: Golf in Vietnam
    a pivotal year thanks in no small part to its growing .
    An increasing Vietnam golf courses, the Ho Chi Minh Golf Trail (a collaboration the countrys top courses) the country welcome in over 100 international publications according to General Secretary of into the big time.
    The icing was the naming of the country the International Association of as its 2007 this month. there are about 16 in the country, than 30 projects at some stage .

    has experienced a surge in popularity travellers love affair with Vietnams 48th place ranking among the New York Times 53 destinations for 2008.
    Courses especially the paper include Golf Club and Links Vietnam.
    tropical climate, thousand-mile coastline have all encouraged a growth arrivals to Vietnam, in 1990, to around 4 to .
    Play golf in Vietnam you are golfing .

    vietnam golf tour, vietnam golf .
    Golf Courses in Vietnam
    Bo Chang Dong Nai Golf Resort, Trang Bom Town
    Thong Nhat District, Dong Nai Province

    Dalat Palace Golf Club, Phu Dong Thien Vuong
    Dalat City

    Nam Saigon Golf Club Dai Lo Nam Saigon
    Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

    Ocean Dunes Golf Club, 1 Ton Duc Thang
    Phan Thiet

    Paradise Golf Club & Back Beach
    Vung Tau

    Lai Thieu Townlet
    Thuan An District, Vietnam Golf & Country Club, Lai Thieu Townlet
    District 9, Chi Linh Star Golf & Country Club
    Daeha Office Tower, Hanoi

    Dong Mo, Ha Tay Province.
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