Reputable tattoo studios at Ho Chi Minh city and 4 things to know

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    0 - Diễn đàn rao vặt - Đăng tin mua bán - Quảng cáo miễn phí - Hiệu quả - To find reputable tattoo places for health and safety should be prior to the tattoo shop in Saigon as well as to spend money to own the product / service with the expected quality of Customer is the first thing to do is to solve the problems behind the product / service.

    So for tattoo art genre, we need to clarify the matter for riders tattoo can be beautiful, meaningful as expected? Here Tadashi will share four issues that riders need to refer tattoo carefully to avoid regret after tattoo:

    Find reputable tattoo shop in Saigon

    The first thing is you have to choose is reputable tattoo shop in Saigon have business registration for creating peace of mind about the legality of the parlors to demonstrate clear about the origin of products / services there. To know the parlors have registered business or not you can call the store manager to produce papers or can visit the website investigate tax code by typing the name shop for business registration then access will find all the information.

    Address tattoo tphcm prestigious but now there are many users who can not control the location where the tattoo is a place where reputable joint venture, prior to take preventive parlors themselves less 2 places most tattooed because people will know wise customers compare and choose the best option for themselves and not depend on the comments and guidance of others, or choose a convenient location close to the road, ...


    As with exactly the information business of tattoo parlors, the next you need to consult the works have been designed to tattoo, the tattoo of the old customers, ... to be able to assess the preliminary / services and customers of the store. But that is only the objective evaluation, and more detail about the quality of the tattoo, then read in part as a tattoo artist because that was the tattoo on your body, rather than a product / service Previous offers for riders trust tattoo for tattoo parlor can change a tattoo artist.

    Artisan good tattoo

    The soul and spirit of the tattoo was created by the tattoo artist should not have to choose reputable tattoo shop is going to get a tattoo that is meaningful and attractive as expected.

    The skilled artisans not only hand flowers (gifted sketch) drawing but also specialized training in art at universities and colleges as HCMC University of Fine Arts and also in the field of art carvings on the body (tattoo art). Tattoo art comes top as Japan, Europe, America, ... these places are also called origin of tattoo art tattoo artist should people trained will have good skills Sure and high aesthetics ....


    The climax of tattoo art in Vietnam is drawing the tattoo style and meaning from the idea of the customer. Also repair, fix old tattoos by more detailed sketch and alternative form (tattoo mile) common tattoos become charismatic. In support of talented artisans who get tattoos bearing the charismatic character tattoo equipment is inseparable because the contours, the ink on your body because it is carved up.

    Tools safe tattoo

    Quality tattoo instruments ensuring riders tattoo avoid allergy problems, infections, dietary ink, health ... Here tattoo instruments such as tattoo machines, tattoo needles, tattoo ink, chairs tape, gloves, .... Many things in the kits but we will notice two problems tattoo needles and tattoo ink.

    Tattoo needles in tattoo art shop, customers should make sure parlors always replace new tattoo needles for each person. Avoid sterilization cases and reused tattoo needles tattoo needles for many people because people will have blood up to the replacement after every tattoo is safe for health.


    On the market there are different colors but depending atopic each person will react, absorbing different colors. Or for profit purposes some places use substandard ink allergens, gray not pretty damaging to the skin should be sure that you choose the tattoo parlors use good inks are originating from: Japan US and Thai.

    What tattoos, in any location on the body

    Chosen and solve psychological about where the next tattoo final stage is to choose what tattoo and tattoo on the body where there any? Tattoo art is mostly meant for riders tattoos, each tattoo will bring a particular focus to present itself as:

    • Beauty trends: patterns, flowers, words, feathers, symbol of fun ...
    • Cover the scars, bruises on the body with tattoos
    • Customary practices, according to religion: portrait, mark ...
    • Express your personality ego: the tiger, lion, carp, dragons, ....
    • These mementos, pictures, moments, times, saying, ... sacred

    So every tattoo on the body is an art, a separate mark for the tattoo that we can not reject. So the question what tattoo you choose has the answers for yourself already. Tattoos have selected the final stages of tattoo placement accordingly, its nice and not disturbing the viewer. Here are some hints:
    • For very prone female charisma and charismatic eyes with tattoo in place: after younger ears, back of the neck, on the shoulders, below shoulder chest, waist, waist ... that is the position that the eyes people can see where the female presence sub pages hugging people, backless, open shoulder, waist openings caused more curiosity beyond the seductive curve will create curiosity and more eye-catching with a tattoo pretty soon it.
    • For ordinary men will show the tattoo emphasize the strength through the tattoos on biceps, chest, full back, from the back to the chest, from shoulder to chest, ... through those places would tattoo radiate more strongly the intrinsic and the display body art.
    And to be clear consultation more information you contact Tadashi tattoo studio to obtain the information necessary and useful option.
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