Căn hộ đẳng cấp tại Lý Chính Thắng HCM 2400$/Month

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    Diendanraovataz.net - Diễn đàn rao vặt - Đăng tin mua bán - Quảng cáo miễn phí - Hiệu quả - Located on Ly Chinh Thang street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

    Located in District 3, this seviced comes fully-furnished with standard and all the modern conveniences you need to feel right at home. An Phu Plaza serviced apartment for rent in district 3, in Ly Chinh Thang street, district 3, 5 minutes driving to district 1, 10 minutes to air-port. The serviced apartment is including 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, usable area 154sq.m. The serviced apartment has large balcony. There are large windows that allow light to flood throughout the whole of the serviced apartment for rent.


    Stunning living room, cozy sofa, air conditioning and a center table with nice wall, large window, open kitchen with many convenient tools, spacious bedrooms, large double bed and great sunlight from large window. Excellent shopping, delicious restaurants and quality entertainment are all within walking distance

    3 minutes to Le Van Tam Park
    5 minutes to Coop-mart super market
    12 minutes to Ben Thanh Market
    7 minutes to Ly Chinh Thang Cinebox 212 Cinema
    Rental: 2400USD/month. (equivalent to 50,400,000 VND/month).
    Including: 10% VAT,usage water, internet, cable TV, cleaning service (3 times/week) & bedsheet changing ( 1 time/week)
    Excluding: Telephone, electricity, drinking water
    + Rental/Price:2,400USD/Month
    + Status:For Rent
    + Deposit:2Months
    + Type:Serviced Apartments
    + Size:154m2
    + Interior:Fully- Furnished
    + Beds:3 Bedrooms
    + Baths:2 Bathrooms
    + Location:D :)istrict 3
    + Time to CBD:12 Minutes
    + Code:SA30429
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